Subsidized Development Program

Subsidized development programs

The National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA), is is a European Community program aiming at the development of the Greek economy, by European Union funds, national participation from the Public Investment Program (P.I.P.) as well as private participation.

Within the framework of the ESPA it is regarded as intergrated , the new Development Law and the support of small/medium-sized enterprises.

We offer integrated services aiming at finding the suitable financial tool for the development of a company while undertaking the preparation, submission, monitoring and implementation of your investment plan.

More specifically we offer the following services:

  • Discovering the investment program that is aligned with the business needs and the investment plan
  • Drawing up a business plan which determines the financing scheme as well as possible alternative sources of finance
  • Collection of the necessary data for the development of an economic and technical study file
  • Data processing and preparation of the request
  • Economic analysis and business sustainability analysis
  • Completing the physical file with all the necessary legal data
  • Submitting the application electronically as well as the complete physical file to the specific authorities – institutions
  • Providing clarifications and additional information to the relevant departments in order to facilitate the assessment of the request
  • Supporting the investment in every stage through administrative, financial and technical follow-up in accordance with the terms of the approval and the technical annex, towards not only the specific authorities but also the banks / financial institutions.
The company maintains an important and high experted network of valuable business partners through of which we are in position…
The ESPA framework integrates the new Development Law as well as the Reinforcement of the Small/Medium sized companies
Restructuring programs for bank loans and other types of debts.
Business plan development
Expertise that offers full and integrated services relating to bank financing