Bank Financing Programs

Our company has the expertise to offer complete and vertically intergrated services related to bank financing programs.
More specifically:

  • Documentation of the company’s financing needs which follows a thorough financial review over the last three years.
  • Seeking for the appropriate banking loan-program that will cover the company’s financial needs.
  • Financial analysis.
  • Documentation of the company’s ability to repay the requested amount through the cash flow forecast.
  • Collection of all requested documents for the claim file to the bank – physical file.
The company maintains an important and high experted network of valuable business partners through of which we are in position…
The ESPA framework integrates the new Development Law as well as the Reinforcement of the Small/Medium sized companies
Restructuring programs for bank loans and other types of debts.
Business plan development
Expertise that offers full and integrated services relating to bank financing