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The combination of our knowledge and experience guarantees the best results!

The economic and business environment is changing rapidly so Greek businesses are urged to redefine their identity with specific speed and efficiency in order to remain viable as well as competitive.

We support businesses by providing complete solutions at a strategic and financial level.

Our executives, with compiled experience in the field of business finance through a structured methodology in collaboration with the company, record, design and adopt the optimal solution to economic, operational and development issues faced by businesses and professionals.

Under our company’s framework for the provision of best and responsible service, we offer free financial prevalidation to our customers.

Through the aforementioned process, the client is informed on whether he is eligible and how to implement the development plan.

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BUSSINESS services
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We have collaborated with companies that exhibit a turnover up to 15 millions Euro, whereas our clientele includes customers who develop financial activity in every sector of the Greek economy such as:

  • Hotel Business
  • Tourist Agencies
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Food Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Real Estate
  • Agricultural Business

Additionally our company demonstrates high expertise in Start-Up companies, providing business and financial advisory.